Friday, June 4, 2010

Weeks late

Yeah, I's been a few weeks, but I've been really busy (I swear!)

Major events since the last time I posted:

- I got my first paycheck after 1.5 weeks of work... $1200 baby!
- I have no freaking clue what I'm doing at work anymore. Everything from now on I have to write in Groovy and Grails, two languages I'm fairly unfamiliar with.
- I have a coworker who is 19 years older than me and hits on me. Oh also, I was told I have to inform you guys he's single. So if you're interested...

- I went to Fanime! I didn't take any pictures, but my friends did, so here are some from the private Facebook album.

- At Fanime, I got humped by some huge Soul Calibur fan...and I couldn't escape. It was very awkward.
- Also Melissa, Leslie and I participated in a game show in which we tried to dance and sing to Bad Romance. Crawling on the floor like Lady Gaga is a lot harder than it looks. It should be on Facebook soon.

- I've been having my dinner dates. Most with people who used to have crushes on me...the last one was pretty awkward. A really touchy-feely guy who kept trying to get me to sit on his lap, but he's the guy you can't NOT like because he's so outgoing. I missed him nonetheless while I was at CMU.
- Mountain View High School graduation was yesterday. I saw so many of my friends there! People who are two years ahead of me, people one year ahead, tons of people for my grade and of course, the grads and their friends years below. It was like A GIANT PARTY!!! I ended up talking to my old alto section leader for quite awhile. I also talked to a guy I used to have a crush on for...a couple years. And I was supposed to help my other friend build a grave for himself becauseeee
- he's making a short film as a portfolio piece for when he applies to work at Pixar! We already agreed I'm going to help him storyboard it and I'm going to be a voice actor hurray!

- I've been going back to Aikido three times per week hurray! Everyone remembered me and even the new people (who might be technically higher ranked than me now because they actually take the tests) really like me and train with me a lot. I've been told that I'm "confident, cool, and very talented!" by several people. I feel so skilled hehe
- I've been making videos again... if you haven't noticed :)
- My friend Alex coaxed me into spending $40 on another MMORPG...well on the expansion to the best one (in my opinion) that we played together. And yet I haven't played it really since I spent that money. Fuck you Alex.
- I've been drawing again, but the graphite irritates my fingers. Bitch.

On another note...


14 megapixels
720p HD video
5x optical zoom
panoramic picture (can only do up to 3 pictures long though)
smile detection (not even face any more)

comes with case and 4GB sandisk

all for $100


That's about it folks. Tomorrow I'm checking out the blackbelt test at my dojo! I'M SO EXCITED! I'll take pics :)

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  1. Awesome pics! I was about to ask why everyone chose to wear revealing costumes, but then I remembered it was anime... =P The first pic makes you look like a feisty old lady. :D