Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I need to be less interested in things

My TODO List for summer (at least what remains...):

Finish painting I started last summer
Start/Finish a Zelda flash movie
Start a DnD online application
Finish scrapbook I started last summer
Compose a ska song based on a classic
Make the umbreon costume for next year's Fanime
Make the Zelda costume for when I go pick up Skyward Sword
Silk screening!

Video Game wise
Beat Majora's Mask
Play Prince of Persia: Sands of Time
Play Soul Calibur III
Beat Twilight Princess again
Beat Spirit Tracks
Get to level 55 in Age of Conan

Social events
Go to San Francisco once
Go to San Francisco twice
Go to Bintang with Baddy team
Go to Band Camp
Teach Steven how to play saxophone
Hang out with Abha at least 3 times
Hang out with Aditya at least once
Hang out with Tim at least once
Hang out with Colin, Karen, Jeremy and Tim at least once all together

Get to 7th kyu in Aikido
Buy a bokken
Learn Groovy on Grails
Learn JavaScript and be awesome at it
Read "March Violets"
Spend more time with the Family
Watch Toy Story 3
Watch Inception

does anyone else think I'm screwed?


  1. thats a pretty packed list...
    zelda flash movie! o.o

  2. Yeah I always make a list of things I want to do for [insert break/some period of time here] and then get overwhelmed by the length of the list that I never end up accomplishing anything =_=;;.