Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Internships for next summer...

So you guys...

I've been talking to friends from CMU and home and lots of people have had lots of trouble finding a job or internship (I lucked out!)

Not only does the economy suck, but its also hard to know where and how to apply!
And it's always hard without connections.

So I made this nifty internship spreadsheet. I'm adding all the internship opportunities I know of in this area so if some of you guys want to come visit me next summer and work here, you'd know where to apply :D

And of course, if you happen to know of some internships in your area (but you don't want to stay in your area, or the company doesn't want someone of your major, etc), you should add it to the list so other people can apply!

It automatically color codes it, so just write what major, etc. Follow the example.
If it doesn't color code it immediately, don't worry about it: I'll check it later.
And you can still sort by major


Keep this between just us and your close friends. We don't want EVERYONE applying to the same places because then no one will get anything! :)

I know it's super early to think of this kind of stuff, but just keep it in your Google docs and look at it later !


  1. great idea! and you all should expand your job searches to Boston too! I don't know much about internship opportunities in CS physics or engineering here, or even biology for that matter. but alot of the universities here have great summer programs (MIT, BU, Harvard, UMass, Tufts). Def check them out if you have time!

  2. YAAAY :D will definitely use this to find an internship for next summer XP.