Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tira Costume Progress: 10% all know I'm going to be Tira from Soul Calibur III for Fanime (I've been literally talking about it since August).

Here's my bidaily update (is that a word?)

Since then, I've added the feathery neck part and the white cuff things...
I've also gotten a wig, that I tried dying with fabric dye and sharpies, crayola markers and watercolor paints.

It's 2 shades lighter than it should be.

Will post tomorrow!


  1. Kick-ass :D.

    How far away is Fanime again? (time-wise)

    How did the dying work?

  2. The dying...half worked.
    The wig is a light blue but not as dark-teal as the actual teal is.

    Fanime is in 2 weeks eep!
    I think of the 15 ppl who told me they'd be there, only 5 are going >.<