Sunday, May 16, 2010

Belated Mother's Day

My mom really wanted to do something "Mother's Day-ey" with me, since I wasn't back in CA during Mother's Day.

So first we went to our town's local 60 year old Pancake House.

Man, one thing I don't miss about CA is how expensive everything is! A plate with a single pancake on it is $11.45. And I got blueberry crepes: $10.50.

For a family of three, our BREAKFAST was over $45. What.

But I gotta say, our breakfast came with A LOT of fruit, all of which is quite pricey.

Then, depressed after spending so much money, my parents and I went to a winery 10 minutes from my house. I used to go there as a Girl Scout, but I haven't been there since 8th grade-ish. Apparently my parents have been bored without me and have been going there quite often...

So Adventure #1: Kar goes to the Picceli Winery!

The trail around the Winery (it's super huge...goes on for miles :) )

GIANT LEAVES! (Another WE DO 'EM BIG HERE kind of thing)



  1. SHITTT son, 15$ per person for breakfast???

    Wineries! Cool :D, did you get to try any wine?

  2. Yeah I had a nice Chardonnay :)

    $8 a glass.

    Funny how my mom was the one who stole the glass, and not the usual first guess: the Asian parent.